Al F. Kolodziej

Business Manager
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Al in his 1959 Ford.

Al enjoying a game of golf with his buddies.

After graduating from Brackenridge High School in San Antonio in 1960, Al Kolodziej went to work at Alamo Iron Works where he worked in sales. He served in the Army National Guard as a radio teletype operator from 1962 to 1968, and he achieved the rank of E-6 Staff Sargeant.

His main career, however, was at City Public Service where he worked, until his retirement as a Storekeeper on Sept. 1, 1996. At this time, he was supervising 18 employees in the Calavaras and Braunig Storerooms.

Al assists with publishing duties of the newspaper. He handles the payroll and is the accounts payable administrator. He also directs the distribution of the newspaper, and helps by "putting out fires."

An avid hunter, sports enthusiast, and rancher, Al loves to watch football, soccer, and golf. He played softball and flag football with the San Antonio Utility League where he also coached teams. He continued coaching with Little League and soccer when sons Karl and Keith were playing. He later became a soccer referee as well and refereed many UIL and FIFA games.

Since retirement, he plays golf weekly with a handicap of 20. Ranching provides an added dimension to his routine. To the frequently asked question, "So, how's retirement?" he simply says, "Great! I love it."

Al also serves in the Floresville Lions Club. He is a past member of the Pastoral Council for St. Anthony's Catholic Church where he also was a CCD teacher for almost 20 years.

He was named Volunteer of the Year in 1994 by the Texas Community Newspaper Association for his supportive assistance with their semiannual conventions.