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The Wilson County News NIE program offers children of all ages a special opportunity
to fall in love with reading. Our newspaper offers a variety of interactive, educational activities
Thanks to our local business sponsors and partners,
Wilson County News provides
newspapers to area classrooms every week.

The 411 youth section includes photos and stories about local youth, celebrating today's youth!

In addition, the newspaper adopted its very own NIE mascot in 2004.
Meet Wilson below and learn about the many ways
the staff of the Wilson County News reaches out
to young people and those who care about them.

Meet Wilson!
The Wilson County News NIE program extended a warm welcome to Wilson,
the NIE mascot Oct. 27, 2004, his adoption day.
He received his name from a Stockdale Elementary class shortly after.
When he was adopted, he knew that his calling in life was to encourage children
to read newspapers, but, he couldn't remember his past!
So NIE students helped him jog his memory by writing the following "story" about his life.

"Hey! Did you know that before I was Wilson,the mascot,I was just a regular kid like you? I was born on a nice spring day in April. My mom ’s name is Pink Lady and my dad ’s name is Jonathan Gold. I do not have any brothers or sisters. I have a pet worm named Bookworm. I named him Bookworm because I like to read to him. I like to read because it helps me learn about many different things. Because I like reading so much,I became interested in reading the newspaper.The newspaper gives you information. Do you want to know why I became the NIE mascot? I became the NIE mascot because I want to encourage you to read the newspaper. So,if you want to learn something new, pick up a newspaper and start reading.
(Provided by a Floresville Primary student)

The NIE Mascot

The Wilson County News hopes to bring Wilson to a classroom near you soon!
To schedule a visit, contact us at

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