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About NIE

Newspapers In Education (NIE) is a nationwide effort begun by the National Newspaper Association to promote literacy throughout our schools.
It allows teachers to use newspapers to stir the interest of today's youth by having their students read and study them. By creating an avenue of interest in the newspaper genre, students are encouraged to be creative, form opinions, and strengthen their skills in all subject areas. NIE also allows the opportunity for everyone in the community, from local businesses to charities and other such organizations, to participate in strengthening literacy levels in local schools.

The Wilson County News' NIE program provides newspapers to classrooms in and around Wilson County. The NIE coordinator provides support to NIE teachers in the form of classroom visits, additional resources, and weekly emails.

Wilson, the life-size red apple, is the Wilson County News' NIE mascot who visits classrooms and makes appearances at community events, promoting literacy and spreading cheer.

"The 411" is the Wilson County News' trendy tab section for today's youth. It highlights local youth in feature stories and news briefs and contains fun topics and activities for youth. "The 411" also includes fun kid content, as well as specific subject content useful for teachers. "The Bandanna Gang" comic strip, Sudoku, and puzzle activities are common features that can also be found in "The 411." If you are interested in supporting the NIE program, email or call 830-216-4519. Teachers can sign up at


Access . . .
The Wilson County News' Newspaper In Education Program, which gives students access to the news in their classrooms every week, is only $8 per student for the school year. 
Generosity  . . .
Subscribers and readers of the Wilson County News have provided a generous fund for the NIE program to sponsor classrooms in every school in Wilson County. This is an awesome accomplishment for Wilson County as the county has set its path to generate literate young adults who are informed on local issues.
Lifetime Learning . . .
Students who read newspapers and are taught about the benefits of reading a newspaper will continue their intellectual growth by remaining informed adults throughout their lives. 
Value . . .
Join the effort to promote knowledge and intellect -- your contributions are worth more than monetary means, they are worth Wilson County's future -- America's future.  

Sponsor a classroom for $180 per year, or a student for $9 per year. Classrooms sets are received weekly and provided solely by your sponsorship through the NIE program. Other levels of sponsorship are available. View our sponsor page, click here. When you decide to become a sponsor, your name appears in the monthly sponsor ad that is published in the WIlson County News and on the NIE Web-site.


Q. Does it matter where a school is located in order to participate in the NIE program?
A. No. We have teachers from all of the schools in Wilson County, even private schools, as well as schools outside of the county, like Falls City and Karnes City. We have even had a teacher in San Antonio participate in the program. If you are a teacher and you would like to use the Wilson County News in your classroom, we will get you a classroom set. Teachers, click here to request newspapers in your classroom.

Q. Is there a limit to how many papers a teacher can request?
A. So far, we have not had to limit papers to a teacher. The largest set we've provided has averaged 30. The smallest amount of newspapers to a teacher has been 1. We do try to provide classroom sets which equate to the newspapers being used in several of the teacher's different classes throughout the day or week. That does help save on the number of copies.

Q. Is there a charge for using newspapers in my classroom or to get started?
A. No! The newspapers are and always have been FREE to teachers and students. Of course, we always encourage teachers to help us find sponsors for the newspapers provided.

Q. I hear that the Wilson County News provides free newspapers to teachers through its NIE program. Nothing in this world is free. What's the catch?
A. You're right. Nothing is ever really free. The Wilson County News provides classroom sets to teachers at a discounted rate, however teachers and students incur absolutely no costs. NIE functions solely on generous contributions from Wilson County News readers throughout the year, as well as an annual NIE golf tournament. Of course, teachers and students are always encouraged to participate with NIE fund-raisers as they do take a lot of manpower on the day of the tournament, but nothing is required of teachers or students.

Q. How do teachers sign up?
A. Click here!

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