Kristen K. Weaver

Director of Operations
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As director of operations, Kristen Weaver works closely with all the departments at the newspaper while focusing on the production and design of both the newspaper’s print and online editions.

Although it may seem that she has always enjoyed the newspaper business, that is quite the contrary. Because her mother happens to be Elaine Kolodziej, publisher of the Wilson County News, many of her childhood days were spent at the newspaper, and she spent lots of energy being bored and avoiding working at the newspaper. It didn’t seem right to her that everything always revolved around the newspaper.

But it was during her high school years that she really began to take a serious look at it. She found herself taking an interest in advertising, graphic design, and circulation. Kristen became circulation manager in 1995 as the newspaper switched to a subscriber-base. Many changes took place in the next several years as she continued to split her time between work and school.

Kristen admits that it wasn’t always easy. She found herself working longer and longer hours. Minutes turned into hours very quickly as newspaper life has that effect on people. Time passed quickly as every week was spent meeting deadline after deadline. She marvels at how the newspaper has developed and changed over the years. “The Wilson County News is successful because we care about our customers, our readers, and our advertisers. They make us what we are and we strive to provide them with excellent customer service.”

During the 2000 school year Kristen pushed a program into existence at the Wilson County News that was picking up momentum in the newspaper industry across the nation, Newspapers In Education. Her goal was to provide an extra learning tool to students in classrooms throughout the county. The program developed and each year more teachers and more readers became interested.

After graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio in May of 2001, she enthusiastically began working full-time and was able to share her ideas and vision with the staff. The girl who once dodged working at the newspaper in the summers had big ideas about the family business and community newspaper.

During the summer of 2001, she led the design team through changes in the way the newspaper was put together. The newspaper industry refers to this as “pagination.” It means electronically processing all of the pages in the computer so they could be transferred across the Internet to the printer. It was a significant change for the entire staff and it impacted the quality of the newspaper for the better —it meant better color and more efficient workflow.

Soon after, Kristen was named to Director of Operations. She increased the staff to develop and maintain the circulation and NIE departments since her new role increased her administrative responsibilities and added a new focus, the Internet. She re-launched the newspaper’s Web site, in early 2002, helping to create a site that would complement and supplement the print edition. “I tend to have big ideas so I am grateful to be part of a team that isn’t afraid to change and to challenge themselves,” says Kristen.

Kristen is married to James Michael Weaver. She, her husband, and their three children, Julia, James Paul, and Jude reside in Floresville. Kristen is a 1996 graduate of Floresville High School and graduated cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2001 receiving a bachelor degree in communication with a concentration in electronic media.

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